Nothing Says A Mother-Daughter Bond Like Matching Breast Implants

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breast implantsThe ways in which mothers and daughters choose to bond in the age of routine salon visits for tweens can take many irksome forms. It’s going to take more than a gift certificate for plastic surgery to grab headlines these days — like perhaps matching plastic surgery? Such was the case for mother daughter pair Geraldine and Daniella, who having both been born with “tiny frames” and small breasts, decided to head under the knife together. A sweeter tale of modern mommy-daughter courage, there never was.

Daniella, 21 years old, told her mother that she was committing to breast implants after years of torment and bullying over her small chest. And her mother’s first response was not support — but envy:

“I was so envious when my daughter told me she was having a boob – but only because I’ve wanted it myself for 30 years. I’ve been flat chested all my life and unfortunately I’ve passed the genes down.”

The pair scheduled surgery for the same day and are apparently delighted with the results, having increased their 32As to a C and D cup respectively. The mother credits her little girl with giving her the “push” to get the procedure, as after four babies, self-confidence didn’t seem like a priority. While it’s disappointing to see a media spotlight placed upon mothers and daughters who bond over something as menial as breast implants, their shared experience is just one of many in a new cultural narrative of mommy-sanctioned nose jobs, breast implants, and liposuction. Not only is mom okay with elective surgery, she’s paying for it and getting said silicone for her daughter just in time for the junior prom.

Oh well, at least she’s not seven years old.

(photo: Ruslan Kudrin/Shutterstock)