Kim Kardashian Is Trying To Figure Out When To Debut Her Moneymaker Of A Newborn

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Kim KardashianImmersed in new motherhood, Kim Kardashian is considering the quandaries of all new mothers as they hold a newborn to their bosom. Should I debut this moneymaker on my mother’s new talk show? Or perhaps settle for a two million dollar magazine photo shoot? Decisions, decisions!

Despite Kris Jenner already using North West‘s unique baby name as a talking point to promote her new talk show, TMZ reports that North is not scheduled to appear on the debut of “Kris” (although there have been “reports” to the contrary). Kim  is also not slating baby Nori for a “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” debut either. The new mother is leaning towards the classic print — but she’s reportedly not exploiting that baby without a cause:

Sources close to the Kardashian fam tell TMZ, Kim is planning a first look with N.W.  in a photo shoot.  She hasn’t accepted an offer yet, but we’re told at least one magazine has offered North of $2 mil.  We’re told the proceeds will go to charity.

If you’re going to hit that route, might as well take a page from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s super respectable “baby debut” book. It seems that when Kim Kardashian decided to accept charity donations in lieu of baby shower gifts, she legitimately changed courses. Motherhood does indeed change a person!

(photo: Arnold Wells / WENN)