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North West Isn’t A ‘Budding Fashionista’ – She Is A 10-Month-Old Baby

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North West FashionistaI feel so bad for teensy, tiny, younger-than-the-bottle-of-soy-sauce-in-my-refrigerator North West, daughter of super-couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Not only because she will grow up in the spotlight of amazingly spotlight-seeking parents, but also because it seems the media is hell-bent on branding this child before she has even started walking. Not only do media outlets speculate on things like whether or not this INFANT wore makeup for her recent Vogue cover shoot, but an adjective used to describe this baby in hundreds of headlines is fashionista. Or budding fashionista.

For a baby less than a year old.

This seems to be an awful lot of labeling and gender stereotyping for a human who can barely hold her head up.

There is nothing wrong with being interested in fashion or caring about fashion or cultivating a beautiful wardrobe. I personally love fashion. But I’m a grownass woman. Labeling tiny little North as a fashionista when she barely has her own personality yet seems pretty unfair and limiting to me. For all anyone knows North may be a tomboy, or an adventurer, or an athlete, or a lil’ scientist. How can anyone say she cares about fashion when the only evidence we have seen of this is her grabbing one of her aunt Khloe Kardashian‘s earrings and being strategically posed with her mom’s giant engagement ring? All kids, regardless of gender, love to grab stuff. We never see snaps of her grabbing a baseball or a microscope because she isn’t posed WITH these items. Someone, either her parents or the media, is fixated on this child having this identity before she has even claimed it for herself. I wouldn’t wish this on any kid, regardless of how wealthy or fashionable her parents are.

There is something grossly unfair about this. What if she grows up and decides to be a stem cell scientist or an engineer or a rock star or a garbage person or a mail carrier? What if she has absolutely zero interest in clothing or fashion or beauty? If she does grows up and claims the label fashionista for herself, that is all well and good, but in the meantime, I wish the world would let her just be what she is now – a drooling, diaper-clad, wide-eyed, curious, teeny little baby.

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