Norman High Students Protest How School Handled Rape Survivors, Also Both Kick A** And Take Names

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normanStudents at Norman High School held a silent protest yesterday regarding how their school district has handled recent rape allegations. And I take back everything negative I have ever said about teenagers, because those kids kick ass.

On Friday, Jezebel’s Anna Merlan wrote about the alleged rapes of three Norman High students after being contacted by their families and friends. In an article that is deeply disturbing and painful to read, Merlan reveals that three teenage girls have accused the same 18-year-old male student of raping them all within the past year, with two of the alleged attacks happening just days apart in September. Though the boy involved was expelled, not only were the two girls from the attacks in September suspended soon afterwards, but all three girls have also left the school after being taunted and bullied by classmates about the assaults.

The first girl to come forward is called “Grace” in Jezebel’s article. She alleges that the accused, who Jezebel calls “Brian,” raped her while she was drunk and unconscious when she accepted a ride home from him after a party. Within days of the rape she started getting text messages from other students telling her that they knew she had cheated on her boyfriend, and that they had seen a video of it. Brian had recorded himself anally penetrating Grace on his cell phone and then shared it with other kids at school.  It is for sharing that video with other teenagers, and not the rape itself that ultimately got Brian expelled from Norman.

A male friend of Brian’s, who is a total freaking hero, also recorded him admitting to the rape and gave the recording to Grace. On the recording, which you can hear at the Jezebel link, Brian says,

“She was asleep,” he says. “She was, like, incoherent. Like, you could not talk to her at all… And I was just like, all right, get on your knees. And she did. And I just fucked the shit out of her, man. It just happened. She was passed out. I pulled her little tiny-ass shorts she had to the side and I just fucked the shit out of her.”

Grace and her mother have given the recording, as well as incriminating text messages from Brian to the police. The police say that there is an ongoing investigation, but as of today Brian has been neither arrested nor charged with a crime.

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