Real-Life Teen Babysitter Started An Actual Empire, Puts The Baby-Sitters Club To Shame

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Looks like things have really changed since the days of Kristy, Stacey, Claudia, Mary-Anne and the gang, because unless Ann M. Martin wasn’t telling us the whole truth, we know those girls certainly weren’t making enough money to put themselves through college three times over. Those gals were content with pizza, an occasional mall trip, and using their funds to go on Super Special Adventures to haunted houses and summer camp. Ah, those were the days. What a time to be alive, eh?

Well, things aren’t like that anymore. Gone are the days of watching a kindergartner for a few hours on a Saturday night and making enough money to go see She’s All That at the movie theater. We now live in a time where a teenage babysitter starts not just her own club, but her own empire worth $375,000. That’s nearly a half-million dollars. FOR BABYSITTING. Here’s the rundown:

Noa Mintz, who is now the ripe old age of 15, has been running a babysitting dynasty since she was 12. She first started the service when she realized that parents could benefit from “highly engaged” caregivers instead of “nannies who were on their cellphones.” So she began recruiting, using her contacts at school and Soul Cycle (as one does at 15) as her product and charging families hundreds of dollars for a working match. Then she began taking a percentage of each nanny’s pay. She also has a 26-year-old CEO working for her. Therefore, EMPIRE.

I mean that’s great and all, and I’m all for hearing stories about teenagers actually contributing to society beyond taking selfies, but I think it’s important to note that Noa Mintz has a certain amount of privilege that allowed her to even get this thing off the ground. Her father works in “private equity” (I don’t even understand the full extent of what that means, other than “he’s probably pretty rich”) and helped Noa get started. So while I think she definitely deserves some credit and applause for doing something like this when most kids her age are content to spend their time whining about wanting the new iPhone, I have to admit Noa’s networking at Soul Cycle made me roll my eyes. Big time.

I guess I’m just stuck in my old BSC ways.

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