Nigella Lawson Doesn’t Want Any Of Her Abusive Husband’s Dirty Abuser Money

nigella lawsonNigella Lawson and her throat grabby husband, Charles Saatchi, are divorcing — which unfortunately is leaving Nigella feeling “devastated.” Nevertheless, the wife and mother doesn’t want a single dime of Charles’ filthy abuser money. And he doesn’t want any of hers, either. This divorce just got awesomely fast-tracked.

New York Daily News reports that Nigella and her ex-husband are looking to get their divorce settled by the end of July, which is lightening fast in divorce settlement time. And with no one seeking any financial anything from anyone:

A statement issued Monday on their behalf said neither would contest the divorce ”and neither party will be making any financial claims against the other.”

It said Lawson had hired powerhouse divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton ”” whose previous clients include Prince Charles and Paul McCartney ”” while Saatchi was representing himself.

Of course, it helps that these two don’t have any children together, and that Nigella’s kids are all no longer minors. If that were the case, I’d champion Nigella going for some Grade A child support as she packs up her life, her kids, and gets the hell out. But in her unique — and obviously extremely privileged — circumstances, I say just sign the paperwork and leave.


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