Viacom Utterly Enrages Sanctimommies With NickMom

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Parents feeling betrayed by a trusted kid’s network might be reason enough to get a little heated. But some of the anti-NickMom ladies feel entitled to go after women who might enjoy said programming. Or moreover, the mothers who are featured on NickMom. Prepare for the huge sanctimommy parade!

Kate Wood of Callahan, Florida writes:

What real mom sits around with other moms and sips margaritas at 9:30 on a school night?? And why would I want to watch a tv show about women who do?? Good mommies are at home taking care of their kiddos on week nights, and on the off-chance that their kids are asleep by 9:30, they turn their attention to nurturing their marriage, or spend a little time on themselves so they can be recharged for when those little ones need them the next day.

Patricia Johnson from Apple Valley, California comments:

You have completely alienated and offended your demographic by portraying mothers as whining, entitled and weak women who have nothing more to do than complain about their lives and their kids.

Veronica Leal from San Antonio, Texas says:

The NickMom block is disgusting; I am a mom and I have NEVER talked as vulgar as the women do on these shows.

Sylvia Woods from Beloit, Wisconsin sure takes her motherhood seriously:

It shows you what you think of mothers and putting a trashy show is a discrace to mootherhood.

Kimberly Johnson of Janesville, Wisconsin is willing to define for you what “real mothers” are made of:

As if real mothers act like that. Real mothers have moral character and the moral character is taking care of our children and rasing in them right direction. Then Viacom should be responsible for childhood rapes and killing and feeding the reperbated  minds of child molesters.

Again, taking issue with the apparent new direction of the network is definitely reason to lodge a strongly worded complaint as not everyone would probably like their kids hearing words like “titties.” But embedded in the horror for NickMom is an obvious disdain for the less than precious depiction of motherhood, sullied by a few references to sexless marriages, a couple of swear words, and yes, margaritas at 9:30 pm on a school night. There’s a lot more going on in that mommy-shaming comment thread than just annoyed parents diving for the “mute” button on their remotes.

Nick Jr. obviously wasn’t aware of the uber judgey territory they were foraying into when they decided to take a stab at roping in the coveted and lucrative mommy demographic (or were they?). From the array of popular programming they see on other networks, it’s pretty safe to assume that the quickest way to spike some ratings is to simply show a mother being a little crass about “the most important job in the world.” The fact that that’s all it takes, and that such instances are still so culturally anomalous to garner such attention, reveals that motherhood still only generally comes in two flavors: sugar-coated and sanctimommy.

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