Nick Lachey Releases Album Of Lullabies, Proves D-List Dads Can Exploit Parenthood Too

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nick lacheyFor years now, celebrity mothers on the low end of the Hollywood totem pole have been using their pregnancies and children like a career launching pad. They write baby blogs at People. They endorse organic skincare lines and “design” children’s clothing. Having a child opens these ladies up to a whole new world of money-making opportunities. And Nick Lachey has now proven that ladies aren’t the only one ones who can turn parenthood into a profit.

Nick Lachey is releasing an album of lullabies. On the cover of the album, next to the Fisher-Price logo of course, is a picture of Lachey’s infant son Camden. Dad is snuggling up to his precious baby boy as they both gaze at the camera. Coincidentally, this lullaby offering comes just a few months before Lachey releases his first studio album with boy band group 98 Degrees in years.

It only makes sense that the ex of super-pregnancy-exploiting-extraordinaire Jessica Simpson would understand how this game works. Jessica and Nick were early recruits to the world of exploiting their personal life for professional game. After all, their singing careers were over when they entered the world of reality television for MTV. That’s when they really got their second wind. Now, this public/private career model has taken them into parenthood.

If the lullabies are any indicator, we’ll be hearing plenty more from Nick, and his wife Vanessa Minnillo, about all that parenting has to offer in the world of D-List celebrity career opportunities. My guess is there’s a blog, book or accessories line in their future.