Newtown Students Return To Classes Today But Don’t Expect To Learn Anything, And That’s OK

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shutterstock_119468752The young people of Newtown, Connecticut are headed back to class today —  even though there is no return date in mind yet for the kids who endured that tragic day at Sandy Hook Elementary School. But it’s clear that the Newtown students are headed back to class to restore a sense of community and support, not necessarily to cram for big exams.

The Associated Press reports that amidst funerals and intense media coverage, the kids have more than a lot to deal with as they renter those campuses:

“There’s going to be no joy in school,” said 17-year-old senior P.J. Hickey. “It really doesn’t feel like Christmas anymore.”…At the high school, students didn’t expect to get much work done Tuesday but rather anticipated most of the day would be spent talking about the shooting.

“We’re going to be able to comfort each other and try and help each other get through this because that’s the only way we’re going to do it. Nobody can do this alone,” Hickey said.

Sophomore Tate Schwab echoed that.

“It’s definitely better than just sitting at home watching the news,” he said.

“It really hasn’t sunk in yet,” he said. “It feels to me like it hasn’t happened. It’s really weird.”

But despite that some parents are reportedly still keeping their kids home for safety reasons, teenage Schwab maintains that his own feelings of security have not been shaken in the wake of shootings:

“This is where I feel the most at home. I feel safer here than anywhere else in the world.”

According to AP, local Newtown police and school officials have been talking about beefing up security and even state police have expressed sensitivity towards other hoaxes and threats. Looks like those kids have every reason to feel safe at school and with their fellow classmates.

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