14-Year-Old With Guns On His Nightstand Arrested After Making Threats To Shoot Up High School

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shutterstock_86474341Parents in a different Newtown — Newtown, Pennsylvania — must be relieved after some keen work by police. And let’s not forget one very vocal parent, who upon hearing from his or her son that there were rumors of an impending shooting at Council Rock High School South, contacted authorities.

CBS news reports that at 5:45 p.m. yesterday, police received a call from a concerned parent regarding such threats. Authorities were told that a certain 14-year-old had threatened to bring both knives and a gun to school on December 21st and randomly attack staff and students.

Following “an immediate investigation,” police arrested the teenager upon which they uncovered the following:

Police say they found numerous air soft weapons and knives, including machetes and swords inside the home and two 9mm fully functional, WWII vintage firearms on a nightstand in the juvenile’s bedroom.

Police also arrested 50-year-old Lizabeth Donohoe and 48-year-old Mario Russo, a parent and a family member it is reported. Donohoe was charged with possession of a firearm, endangering the welfare of children, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia and has been unable to post bail. Russo was slammed with obstruction of the administration of justice and resisting arrest, but has since been released. A court summons is expected to follow.

The kid has been charged not only with possession of a firearm by a minor but also terrorist threats. He awaits his fate at a youth detention center.

Sergeant Bill Klein is confident that he and his colleagues have “squelched” the threat to Council Rock High School South. But what about all the others?

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