New Yorkers: Rent A Backyard In The Lower East Side

All of my New York friends you know, the ones residing in tiny one-bedroom apartments in Manhattan with their family of four live for the summertime. Despite the heat and the stench, the season is synonymous with all-day outings to Central Park in which the kids can run barefoot and get exposed to nature without having to leave the city. It’s lovely, really, except more than one Canadian friend has secretly admitted that it’s just not the same as having your own backyard replete with barbecue, kiddie pool and Wet Banana Slide (so 80s!).

They’re in luck! Beginning next week, New Yorkers can rent their very own backyard on the Lower East Side (145 Ludlow Street, to be exact). Launched by the Participation Agency, Timeshare Backyard a 3,000-square-foot vacant lot replete with Florida grass and a white picket fence can be all yours for $50/hour. What do you get? Use of the site as well as the option of adding other features such a garden hose, tiki torches, Polaroid cameras, popsicles, hammocks and a trampoline (add-ons are extra).

“We’ve had interest from groups of 20-year-olds and people looking to do kids’ parties,” Participation Agency co-owner Jacqui Kavanagh told the Toronto Star. The makeshift backyard holds up to 30 people.


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