New York Post Sinks To A New Low By Mocking Chelsea Clinton’s Day-Old Daughter

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new-york-post-mocks-clinton-babyA new baby has arrived on the planet! At best, that’s a reason to celebrate, and typically at worst, it’s a reason to quietly click “Unfollow” on the new parents’ Facebook profiles. Or, if you’re the New York Post, you find a new low by responding to the arrival of Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky‘s baby girl, Charlotte, by using the cover of your print newspaper to call the baby a “Party Pooper” and to announce her birth as “Another liberal crybaby for Dem Clintons”. Geez, New York Post, the baby was already a whole day old by the time you started mocking her in print. What took you so long?

This headline should permanently solidify the Post’s reputation as toilet paper, although at least the story behind the Clinton baby cover is milder. It contains a brief description of baby Charlotte’s debut outfit, and of course complains about how her arrival will probably be used as a talking point on the campaign trail. (It does also whine that, because proud new grandpa Bill Clinton wrote a Tweet addressing his tiny granddaughter, she’ll probably have her own Twitter within the week, about which I can only remind the Post folks about the convenient “Unfollow” button offered by Twitter as well as Facebook.)

But none of this is, unfortunately, anything new for Chelsea Clinton, who by the time she was 13 years old had endured a Saturday Night Live skit raking her over the coals for, essentially, being a 13-year-old in all its awkward glory; she also got to be called “the White House dog” by notorious jerkwad Rush Limbaugh on his program during her dad’s tenure as President. Twenty years later, it looks like not much has changed, unless it’s that even younger children are fair game for becoming the targets of political nastiness. (It’s super nice that they gave her a whole day to enjoy her baby’s birth before attempting to take a colossal dump on her new mom joy like this.) I can’t wait until the next pregnancy in a liberal politician’s family so that we can hear about how the fetus is already a parasite on society and has been unemployed for going on nine months.

I don’t care how much you hate the Clintons, or how annoyed you are by the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidential run in 2016. There’s nothing okay about slamming the family by taking a dig at a newborn baby. And you can’t claim that the Clintons have earned it by politicizing baby Charlotte, unless you think the mere act of becoming a grandparent is by its very nature a political scheme of some kind. (Or daring to Tweet that you’re excited about your cute, squishy new grandbaby. The nerve!)

While we’re at it, let’s agree to leave Sasha and Malia Obama (who have been called fat by Limbaugh and stupid by Glenn Beck) alone too. And for those of you who, like me, tend toward a raging socialist liberal bent, the same goes for Sarah Palin‘s brood and the minor children in Mitt Romney’s giant family. Kids are not politicians, and kids didn’t choose to arrive in the middle of a political spotlight. When and if they grow up and decide to follow their parents into politics, go ahead and let it rip on their ideology. But their looks? Their inability to not soil themselves at age zero? That is low even for a rag like the Post. Give that newborn baby the best birthday present of all, by shutting the hell up.

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