Mommyish Poll: Did You Make New Year’s Resolutions About Your Kids?

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new year's resolutionAssuming that you do make New Year’s Resolutions, many traditionally tend to fall into the “personal improvement” category. The most frequently visited resolutions often relate to excercise, reading more books, watching less TV, or saving more money. But aside from tacking “be a better mom” on your list, did anything specifically regarding the kids make your plans for 2012?

Taking that special trip with your daughter that you always hoped to take or perhaps making an effort to talk more with your son are both prime examples. We all have a tendency to live faster than we like to, and those little ones won’t be so little for very long.

But  for those mothers who kept your resolutions to the gym, to being more abreast with current events, taking more vacations, or spending more time with your partner, no need to feel guilty. Accomplishing what you want for yourself in the new year can ultimately make you a better parent in the long run provided that you’re healthier, happier, and more rested.

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