TGI Friday Open Thread: New Year’s Eve Is Upon Us… What’s The Plan?

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I have such a love/hate relationship with New Year’s Eve.

It’s my sister’s birthday and she’s my favorite person in the world – so for that reason I love it. On the flip side, I spent the last decade living in New York and serving people on the holiday, which is not great.

I lived in Brooklyn, and when I worked in Manhattan – New Year’s Eve was a nightmare. Specifically, getting home at 4am when everyone else in the city was also trying to catch a cab. You may wonder why I didn’t just jump on the subway. Well, after working 10 or 12 hours, it was a mixture of pure exhaustion and the apprehension that comes with holding several hundred dollars in cash on your person when you are walking home from a subway alone at a ungodly, dark hour. Waiting for a cab always seemed like the right thing to do. Even if the waiting inevitably ended with bursting into tears on a Manhattan curb.

This year, I will be walking across the street to my sister’s house as we all live in the same state. Woo hoo. I also have a built in babysitter in my mother, so I will be indulging in several adult beverages. There’s and extensive cocktail list I’m working on that I will be sharing with all of you next week – and possibly a playlist or two. I’m thinking the night will end with a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity – my new favorite party game.

So – what’s your plan?

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