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5 Facts You Need To Know: Bringing Up Bates– Mommyish’s Next Recapped Reality Show

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Now that the Duggars have become so much more unpalatable as of late, it is time we move on to obsessing over another out-sized, fundamentalist Christian family. Ladies and gentlemen, I present- The Bates family of the new UpTV show, Bringing Up Bates:

If you only watch this video and do no other research, you may believe that the Bates family are feral forest creatures that never venture indoors but that is not the case. From the information I have found, it would seem they are a lot like the Duggars- they have 19 children, they are deeply religious and they home-school. However, a little digging showed me that they are different in a few key ways:

1. They allow their children to further their education beyond home-schooling.

In the bios from their family website, I learned that several of the kids have attended classes or even graduated from Crown College of the Bible. Yes, even some of the girls! Alyssa Bates-Webster worked for a florist at one point and Whitney Bates, their daughter-in-law, has worked as a medical coder. Very nice, Bates ladies.

2. Gil Bates is better at Jim Bob-ing than Jim Bob as far as marrying off his brood.

Only three Duggar spawn have married so far but the Bates are almost at four! They have a daughter getting married sometime next year.

3. A Bates daughter struggled to get pregnant.

Unlike the apparently super-fertile Duggars, Erin Bates-Paine struggled to get pregnant due to medical issues and the show will be touching on that in the upcoming season.

4. They utilize the entire alphabet.

The Bates have used several different first initials for their 19 children. They did use the name Michael as a girl name so don’t be confused by the courtship of Michael Bates and Brandon Keilen. Sadly, there does not seem to be a gay Bates. Yet.

5. They also court instead of date but are less strict about it.

From an interview with the mother of all 19 Bates children, Kelly Bates:

We think if a couple is old enough to think about getting married, they’re plenty old enough to learn to talk to God and each other, and make some decisions for themselves. We’re glad that our children respect us and ask our counsel about things, but I think far too often parents have a very difficult time “letting go.” An adult child entering a serious relationship better be able to also make decisions!! So yes, Chad and Erin are allowed to talk on the phone alone. They have chosen to have chaperones when in each others presence, because they like the accountability. Having chaperones doesn’t mean they aren’t given some space or that they have to have all their conversations monitored (i.e. they asked us and some siblings to accompany them on a date, but we all sat at a different table so they could be alone).

Phone time alone?! Sacre bleu! Couldn’t they get pregnant that way?

Also, I learned from this interview with Kelly that Zach Bates was in a courtship that did not work out before marrying his wife, Whitney. Maybe it is because the parents allow their kids a little privacy with their intended so they can be honest and open with one another? Hmmm….

So, that is it for now. I will be recapping the show Bringing Up Bates, which premieres on New Year’s Day. I am so excited!!

(Video and Image: UPtv)