The Hypothetical New Pope Might Actually Be More Gay-Hatey Than The Old Pope

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shutterstock_112249268Pope Benedict XVI is stepping down from his pope-ly duties, his reign marked by gay marriage hating, gay marriage hating, and the occasional IVF slamming. But one of the reported “frontrunners” has gone so far as to defend vehemently anti-gay legislation. Forget banning gay kids from prom. One of the cardinals reportedly being considered as the new pope has backed that famous “Kill the Gays” Uganda bill. Jesus loves the little children! And their same-sex parents and family members!

Sixty-four-year-old Cardinal Peter Turkson is reportedly not only from Ghana, but he is a supporter of top-tier supremely homophobic legislation. He has reportedly also defended his home country’s anti-gay laws on the basis that they a part of African culture. And don’t even get him started on “human rights”:

Turkson also criticized U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who has called for Africa to decriminalize homosexuality and end discrimination based on sexual orientation. “When you’re talking about what’s called ‘an alternative lifestyle,’ are those human rights?” said Turkson, according to NCR. “He [Ban Ki-moon] needs to recognize there’s a subtle distinction between morality and human rights, and that’s what needs to be clarified.”

I suppose it’s through such a lense that Cardinal Turkson finds it in his heart to support a bill that makes homosexuality punishable by death. A heartwarming message to mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, and kids everywhere. Crazy train is here and it might be asking for your papal support, Catholic families!

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