New Mother Found Dead After Giving Birth Alone in Car

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The case of a missing woman ended tragically in Germany last week when a pregnant woman disappeared overnight and was later found dead after apparently delivering her baby alone in her car. Somehow the baby survived and is in good health, but the whole situation is bizarre and tragic.

According to The Local, a 38-year-old pregnant woman left her home last Friday evening in her car. When she had not returned by early Saturday morning, her worried partner called the police to report her missing.

Not long after that, police received another call from someone who said they had passed a parked car near a pond, and there appeared to be a dead person inside. Police responded to the scene and found that it was the missing woman’s car, and that she was deceased inside it.

The rescue workers who were investigating, however, were stunned to find a live, newborn baby boy in the car with the woman. He was rushed to the hospital, and he appeared to be in fine health and is doing well.

Police say that an autopsy indicated that the poor woman died of complications after childbirth, and that there was no evidence of foul play or “third party interference” in her death.

Every year there are tons of stories of pregnant women who deliver babies in their cars, or parking lots, the back seats of Ubers, or in other unusual places. Most of those stories have happy endings and wind up just being funny origin stories families repeat after the fact. It sounds like in this case the woman was able to deliver her baby herself, but that she then suffered from complications that killed her when there was no medical assistance or support around to save her.

It’s lucky that the baby managed to survive, but it sounds like the mother’s car was found not too long after he was born. Still, this is a terrible start for that poor baby, and for the mother’s partner, who will now have to raise a baby alone while reeling from her sudden and tragic death. It’s just an awful story for everyone involved.

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