New Mom Smoked 3500 Cigarettes While Pregnant, Says It Made Her Baby Stronger

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As if Pregnant in Heels weren’t trashy enough, turns out there’s a whole breed of ‘stupid mom’ shows on air featuring women who make Jerry Springer regulars seem like PhD candidates.

BBC Three‘s Misbehaving Mums To Be, out of the UK, featured 20-year-old Charlie Wilcox, who claimed that smoking 3500 cigarettes while pregnant made her baby stronger. Since having her baby, Lily, 14 weeks ago, Wilcox still maintains that smoking while pregnant improved her daughter’s health. She believes that she made her baby’s heart work harder by cutting off the oxygen supply – ultimately improving her overall health. (Lilly, by the way, arrived 10 days early and weighed 6 lb, 2 oz – more than a pound lower than the average UK birth rate for a girl.)

What’s sickening about this whole thing is not just the fact this mom endangered the life of her own baby (that goes without saying). It’s the fact that Wilcox, much like Botox Mom – she made headlines worldwide for injecting her 8-year-old beauty-pageant daughter with Botox – is gaining notoriety for being an idiot.

It also makes me question the population’s obsession with these kinds of shows. The Bachelorette, with all of its reeking desperation and boob jobs, I understand. Ditto The Real Housewives Of (insert city here). The Biggest Loser? All over it. But these mom shows enter dangerous new territory. If people want to mess up their own lives, go ahead. But to screw up your child’s life for sake of money or a mere 15 minutes of fame, well, that’s just wrong.

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