New Mom Shares Beautiful Photos Celebrating Her IVF Rainbow Baby

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Not every mother’s journey is a straight and easy path. Just ask Jennie Hill, who experienced five miscarriages before finally getting to hold her precious new baby. She and husband Jonah struggled for years to become parents, and it wasn’t until after her fifth loss that they were informed of her chromosome disorder which was causing her body inability to carry to term.

Armed with this knowledge, the Hills decided to try again, this time documenting their experience with IVF, their best option for a successful pregnancy and birth. The couple opted to blog about it all as they realized how isolating experiencing losses and dealing with infertility issues can be.

“Not many will talk about options like IVF. We have learned that the miracle of science can be amazing! It should be talked about. It’s not a shameful thing, it’s an amazing experience that can give so many hope!” Jennie told POPSUGAR Moms.

Once Jennie became pregnant, she opted to incorporate all the needles she saved from her IVF treatment into their birth announcement. They also chose to use a rainbow theme, celebrating their rainbow baby after so many losses and so much grief. And once little Harper Grace was born, they had some professional photos taken of their precious newborn.

rainbow IVF baby
Instagram /@ naturallyposhphotography

“A rainbow baby is significant of a rainbow after a storm,” Jennie said. “After all our losses and heartache, our rainbow has finally came! Some things are worth waiting (and working!) for!”

We couldn’t agree with her more. Congratulations, Jennie and John, on your adorable rainbow baby!

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