New Mom Opens Up About Her Biggest Regret: “I Wish I Never Breastfed My Baby”

(Instagram / @maddi_and_lloyd)

Australian reality television personality Maddi Wright made a bold revelation: she regretted breastfeeding her infant son. Wright made it clear that she saw breastfeeding as more of a hindrance than helpful. “I am a completely different person. I’m a better mum and better wife. I have more energy.” Wright chose to discuss her decision via a recent post on Instagram. The post, which features Wright and her infant son has had over 3,000 likes since it was first shared a week ago. Her confession is one that is shared by many women who have felt pressure to breastfeed, often against their wishes.

Wright and her husband Lloyd have another son who appears to be a toddler. In the post, Wright explains that her relationship with her older son and her husband were suffering because of the time commitment that breastfeeding an infant requires. “I’m a better mum and better wife. I have more energy. I actually have gaps where bub is NOT on my body so I get to miss him a little. I have more time for my other son. I am more affectionate towards my husband.”

Instagram / @maddi_and_lloyd
Instagram / @maddi_and_lloyd

She also talks about the physical changes that her body went through during pregnancy and then again for four months while she nursed her son. “I don’t dread going out in public. I enjoy my clothes again as I’m not leaking everywhere or having to wear uncomfortable maternity bras.” If she thinks that her maternity bras are uncomfortable though, she is clearly buying the wrong kind of maternity bras!

The thing is, Wright knew that she was sharing an opinion that is very polarizing. Many argue that “breast is best” while others will argue that “fed is best.” Wright was also aware that she may face backlash for her words, to which she said “There are so many different ways to be a mum. But what many mums forget is that MUM HAS TO BE HAPPY TOO.” While there were of course comments asking Wright to reconsider her decision and try breastfeeding or maybe even mixed feedings, there were messages of support. “Preach!!!! I tried breastfeeding for a while, and struggled. Hard. We both did. And I was miserable. Crying constantly. Feeling like a shit mom. The moment I made the decision, with the support of my partner, to formula feed – well! It was like I was a whole new person.” And it’s true, as long as mom is happy, then everyone is happy.

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