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I’m So Excited For This New Book That Probably Slut-Shames My Teenage Hero Sylvia Plath

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And that:

She didn’t want boyfriends to think she was ‘fast’. But what was so bad about showing love and affection?

The double standard particularly angered her: if a girl said she was going steady with a boy, he could still do almost anything; whereas if a girl dated lots of guys she was considered loose and cheap. Perhaps one day she would create the perfect boyfriend from the depths of her imagination.

And one more quote for you all, because I know you are all dirty minxes who want to hear the good stuff:

 Born in Paris, Richard was a British citizen and a distant relative of poet  Siegfried Sassoon.

At the beginning of May, Richard invited her to New York City. While ruminating on the delights of the forthcoming liaison, he wrote to her: ‘I am talking myself into thinking it will be rather fun to play daddy to a naughty girl if you are naughty.’

I’m sure in re-reading Plath, especially The Bell Jar, I may find myself getting a bit eye-rolly at some of the more self-indulgent chapters, and I can’t help but feel like there may be a bit of good-old fashioned slut shaming in this new book chronicling her suitors before she married Ted. I will still read it, because even 25 year later I’m terribly fascinated by Plath, but I’ll probably be a bit annoyed by the whole thing. For those of you who have revisited The Bell Jar recently I’m dying to know if you think it still holds up in this day and age, and especially if you have gifted this book to your own teenage daughters. I have given copies of Hesse and Salinger books to my eldest son, but I have yet to suggest The Bell Jar to him.

One of the most fun aspects of parenting is sharing the books we loved growing up with our own children, and discussing the book with them after they have read them, like our own person parent-child book club. Growing up I found Plath to be a brave, brilliant, tragic writer. I hope this new book about her basically says the same.

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