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11 New Baby Things You Completely Forget About Once Your Kid Turns One

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7. Tummy Time

All babies need it, but somehow I feel like this basic concept of making sure your baby lies on his or her belly for five minutes a day to develop neck strength has become a phenomenon that doesn’t need a cutesy name or products marketed specifically to it. A crib or a floor will do.

8. Snap ‘n’ Go

The au courant stroller system for infants. Admittedly it’s a great system: A car seat that snaps effortlessly into a stroller base so you don’t even have to get your kid unbuckled to transport him. You’ll wish they made a toddler version on car trips where your child has fallen asleep, but once you realize that removing 35 pounds of seat plus kid from your mid-sized hatchback is impossible, you’ll understand why that doesn’t exist.

9. The Mothers’ Room

I could do 20 posts about the Mothers’ Room. This is what my company calls the designated pump room. New moms sign up for 30 minute shifts once or twice a day, pull up our shirts, and hope to God we can get enough in this pumping session because your freezer supply is low and you have a meeting in 20 and you can’t be late and good God, this is what it means to be a working mom. Since this room is usually unmarked and discreet so that no one passing by has to know your milking activities, you pray that you remembered to lock the door and that no one will mistake it for the supply closet when they come looking for Sharpies.

10. Cry It Out

Whether you actually employ the CIO technique or not, you will be made very aware of it, roughly in the 4-6 month mark of your baby’s life. You’ll probably Google it and consider it as a way to sleep train. There is no “normal” when it comes to baby sleep but hopefully by the time your child can walk, he or she is falling asleep on their own – that’s not judgment, that’s a wish, for your sanity’s sake.

11. Baby jail/The Circle of Neglect 

Once you realize that even the most attached attachment parent needs to take a crap or a shower, you will need a place to put your child down, preferably with minimal screaming on their part. Exersaucers, Jumparoos, pack and plays – whatever you use, it’s been given a delightful nickname that implies that you have chosen to ignore your child or, better yet, imprison him.

These are all topics or terms that were part of my everyday life for so long, and now that we’re dealing with a toddler, I’m sure there will be a new set of crucial but fleeting fixations around potty-training and Thomas The Tank Engine. What were your obsessions in the first year?

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