There Is A New App For Your Kids In Case Someone Is Sexting Them And It is ‘Hawkward’

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Image-1__1382728582_74.134.205.46This is a totally awesome idea that is so totally stupid I can’t even believe it. I mean, the charity who created this are obviously wonderful people who have their hearts in the very right place and I want to support this fully but it’s just so .. derpy. The idea is that when one of their peers sends them a dirty text or asks them for a naked snap they reply with one of these memed images in the app.  I have no kids at home at present so I can’t test it out on any of them but the second my husband texts me and asks me what’s for dinner I am replying with one of these images:


What is happening? What does this even mean? Or I suppose you could also reply with:


Maybe the idea is that if your kid replies with one of these images the person asking them for a naked pic or saying something inappropriate will think they have lost their damn minds. From The BBC:

A charity has launched a mobile phone app to help teenagers refuse requests for explicit images of themselves.

The free app from Childline offers users a choice of what the charity says are “witty responses” to send instead.

“Sexting” – the sending of intimate images or videos by mobile phone or online – has become so common “it is considered mundane”, the charity says.


The app is free (BONUS!) and it does offer some excellent tips on how to deal with unwanted texts, but these images just seem like something your mom would find hilarious if you texted them to her. That’s what I will use mine for, texting my mom.

(Images: Childline)