Netflix Is Going to Let Viewers Choose Their Own Endings for Some of Their Favorite Shows

Easily one of the greatest parts about childhood were the Choose Your Own Adventure books. I would stake out the library until a new one came in so I could be the first to read it. But I did it all wrong. I would read all of the endings, then choose the paths that ended in the best way. I wasn’t about to sit there and read an entire book only to find out I picked the wrong ending! But cheating aside, they were a lot of fun. And now we’re going to have the same option with TV shows! Considering I couldn’t make it through a children’s book without cheating, maybe these new Netflix interactive TV shows aren’t for me. But for a lot of people, being able to choose the way episodes of their favorite shows end is going to be a huge draw.

Get ready for Netflix interactive TV shows, starting with the very creepy Black Mirror.

Some of the best shows on Netflix are original content, and Black Mirror is right up there with one of the best. It’s incredibly unnerving, since the episodes that deal with technology. The show is unique in that there is no continuity – each episode stands alone, so there are no plots to continue to character arcs to complete. Which makes it the perfect show to test out for this interactive concept.

It’s being reported that the next season of Black Mirror, which premieres in December, will have an episode where viewers get to choose their own ending.

Not a lot of details have been released so far, so we don’t know how many alternate endings there will be, or how viewers will direct the episode. But this isn’t the streaming service‘s first foray into interactive TV shows. They tried it before with one of its children’s shows, Puss In Book. Viewers were asked to choose whether Puss fights a god or a tree. They could then go back and choose the other scenario after they see how their first choice plays out.

I’d love to see more interactive TV shows, and starting with Black Mirror is a great decision by Netflix. So much of the show deals with how technology runs our lives. It’ll be like living our very own episode.

(Image: Facebook/Black Mirror)

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