Netflix Makes A Push To Include More Kid’s Shows But Will Probably Still Suck

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proxy__1376838161_142.196.156.251Netflix hasn’t pinned down the family demographic yet, and I’m not surprised. Its selection of kid’s shows sucks.

This week the company announced it would be partnering with Scholastic to bring more children’s shows to the site. Multiple seasons of Harry the Dirty Dog, Danny the Dinosaur, The Magic School Bus and Goosebumps will be available for instant streaming.

From Huffington Post:

While Netflix has 38 million members worldwide, the majority of its subscribers don’t have children. According to digital advertising company Quantcast, 56 percent of Netflix’s streaming customers are childless. Enticing parents, ever eager to find new ways to entertain their children, to subscribe is one way Netflix can substantially grow its number of customers.

Honestly, I’ve never recommended Netflix to anyone. I kind of think it sucks. If it weren’t for Orange is the New Black, Arrested Development, and Breaking Bad – I would have cancelled my membership already. I almost never use it to entertain my child.

If there is some awesome programming I just haven’t found yet, please let me know. I keep seeing the same old movies my child has no interest in. He’s an animation snob. There’s virtually no Pixar stuff on Netflix and if you try to find a newer Disney movie – it won’t happen. Apparently there’s a Disney Pixar agreement on the books for 2014, but until then -what to watch? No Toy Story, Despicable Me, Monster’s Inc, Bee Story, Shrek, Rio -nothing. I don’t think I should keep letting my almost 3-year-old watch Rango – the only movie he is currently interested in. It’s pretty creepy and dark.

So, let’s share some shows, shall we? If you are a parent who uses Netflix to occasionally entertain your child, what shows does he or she like to watch? I am desperate here. I also exist and occasionally watch things that are not animated so if you have any cool movie recommendations you can include that, too.

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