Check Out This Amazing DIY Nativity From Our Pal Designer Daddy

Designer Daddy claims he was up ALL night creating this amazing nativity scene, and he has allowed me to share it with you all. Ta-dah! I think we can all agree that ALF should always be an angel.

I love this because nativities are so expensive and usually fragile and this is a great way to include one in your holiday decorating without having to worry about your kids destroying it.



I have never had a nativity before, but we had one when I was younger and my nephew used to play with it, and we would always find the sheep or the baby Jesus on top of the roof of the manger. When we would tell him not to touch it he would say he wanted to “Play with the Jesus guys.”

Designer Daddy had this to say about his creation:

A Christmas craft for craft-haters. And pop culture junkies. And anyone with a lot of random crap lying around the house. Nerd Nativity!

You should totally head on over to Designer Daddy and check out his DIY holiday terrarium too. It’s all too cute. Do your kids have a nativity? Are you letting them play with it or keeping it out of reach?

I’m going to make my own Designer Daddy brand Nerd Nativityâ„¢!

(Image: Designer Daddy)

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