Nerd Dad Sells Prized Yu-Gi-Oh Cards for Daughter’s Education, Moves Internet to Tears

Having kids involves a lot of sacrifices. Now one nerdy dad has moved the Internet to tears by selling the rarest cards in his prized Yu-Gi-Oh cards to pay for his daughter’s education.

According to Sora News 24, the Twitter user going by @KnightMiyabi showed Twitter a stack of four prized Yu-Gi-Oh! playing cards, then a wallet full of cash. He has a baby daughter, and he sold his most valuable cards for his daughter’s schooling.

“My memories have become my daughter’s entrance fees,” he wrote.

“I had fun playing with you guys,” he wrote, before handing his cards off to their new owner.

The cards he sold are four copies of an ultra-rare first-edition Blue Eyes White Dragon card, of which only 1,000 ever existed. That was the first of the “secret rare” cards, and these are still sealed in protective cases, so they’re in absolute mint condition.

He didn’t say exactly how much he made from the sale, but that nobody would sell one of those cards for less than 600,000 yen. (The yen is weak against the dollar right now, so that comes out to about $5,200 per card.)

He said the money was going to pay for her to go to a good kindergarten, and to fund her education as she gets older.

You win the “good dad” tournament.

People on Twitter gave KnightMiyabi a round of applause and said he’s a great dad. A lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! fans also piped in to say they didn’t think they could make that kind of sacrifice, even for a kid. A kidney? Sure! An ultra-rare Blue Eyes White Dragon? Maybe not.

This might turn out to be a Gift of the Magi-type situation, though, because KnightMiyabi’s toddler daughter seems to love Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. He showed her playing with some of his regular cards, and she was very upset when he took them away.

It’s amazing how much Yu-Gi-Oh! cards can be worth, even today.

During the reporting of this story I learned something awesome: Arguably the rarest, most valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! card in the world is called “Tyler the Great Warrior.” It was created in 2002 for a 14-year-old Yu-Gi-Oh! fan who was battling an extreme form of liver cancer. Tyler Gressle drew his own Yu-Gi-Oh! card–of himself as a giant, anime-style warrior–with Make-a-Wish, and the company that owns Yu-Gi-Oh! produced it for real. It’s an official card, and there’s only one of it in the entire world.

I would not be telling that story if it didn’t have a happy ending. Gressle beat cancer, and he still has the world’s rarest Yu-Gi-Oh! card. He said he considered selling it in the past, when things were particularly tight, but he still has it. There’s no telling what it is worth, but Gressle has received at least one genuine offer of $75,000.

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(Image: Twitter / KnightMiyabi)

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