Equality: Tabloids Give Same-Sex Couples The Same Crappy Coverage As Straight Moms & Dads

tony awards arrivals 6 110612How many times have we already heard that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are arguing over their wedding plans, calling off the wedding or bickering about more children? Plenty, right?

Well isn’t it nice to know that same-sex celebrity couples can expect the same level of deception and conjecture from our favorite tabloids? My favorite couple on the planet, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are getting the celebrity “domestic un-bliss” treatment. The two have had a pretty amazing couple of years. They had twins Gideon and Harper back in October of 2010. Then, in the past year, they announced that they were getting married. But tabloids can’t stick with happy goodness for long.

The National Enquirer is now running a story saying that Harris and Burtka aren’t moving forward with their wedding because they can’t agree on whether or not to have another child. They claim that David is ready to give the twins a sibling, but Neil is too concerned with his rising career to consider more kids at the moment. Seriously, where have we heard this story line before? Only from every couple that the press could ever imagine together. One’s career-oriented, the other wants to settle down, heartbreak ensues.

The story is so laughably predictable that it’s kind of amusing to see it applied to Harris and Burtka. The couple has been inhumanly happy and full of good news for a while. Of course someone wants to make them seem miserable.

Neil Patrick Harris isn’t playing the press’s game though. He’s already taken to Twitter to laugh off the rumor mill. ”D and I are awesometown. No wedding plans because it’s not legal yet,” he tweeted, adding, ”All is good in our world.”

If those two are living in awesometown, I would really like to visit. I’d make a great neighbor guys!

I know it’s obnoxious to see the tabloids make up stories about people, but it’s almost refreshing to see that they now feel comfortable applying the same old cliched stories to same-sex partners, just like they do to straight ones. Really, I’m just trying to take a page from the Neil Patrick & David handbook though, just trying to keep positive. Let’s consider this progress.

(Photo: Andres Otero/ WENN.com)

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