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Take A Moment And Enjoy The ‘Freebirth Of Apple Blossom Light Hawk Summer Willow Wind’

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162681540I’m a modern girl. I birthed all my babies in hospitals and accepted any drugs anyone offered me. I never wanted to have a natural childbirth, it just wasn’t something that was important to me. It wasn’t that I couldn’t appreciate home births or drug free births or birthing pool births or whatever, but I’ve always been sort of paranoid and I wanted my children born in a quiet, calm, soothing, sterile hospital environment. Now that I’m older I probably would like to try a home birth, but it’s too late for me and I no longer have a uterus – but you know what isn’t too late for me? Totally gawking at stories about women who have had natural childbirth because birthing stories are one of my most favorite things ever! So join me, won’t you?   Sit back, relax and enjoy these out-takes of this amazing birth story that our lovely writer Carrie Murphy found for us to read. From the Birth Without Fear blog:

I never sought prenatal care during my pregnancy, and I planned to have a freebirth. I was the first of all my cousins & family and friends to get pregnant. When I shared with my friends and family that I planned to have an unassisted birth, lets just say it didn’t go over so well.

Sleep isn’t coming. Something tells me to use the potty. Maybe this is all it is. I just need to go and then I’ll be able to sleep. The outhouse is a minute walk from our cabin, and although it’s March, it’s still very surely winter.

I’m on my hands and knees; the only position that feels comfortable. Rocking and moaning through the contractions which seem to be coming every minute. Joey brings me water when all I can manage to say is “water,” and he brings me containers to go pee into when I need to.


The placenta comes. Joey ties Peacy’s cord and cuts it. I eat a tiny bite of the placenta, not exactly my idea of tasty, but it certainly feels nourishing. Joey wraps it in a towel and places it in a cupboard, where I proceed to forget about it until a few days later.

I was so ripped off by my boring hospital birth. No one offered me my placenta to eat. The most I ever got was a cup of ice and a packet of Saltine crackers. Apple Blossom Light Hawk Summer Willow Wind was born in a cabin, with lots of snow outside, and her mom didn’t even have an indoor bathroom. This is all making me feel like such a wimp that I got all pissy when my room had a window facing the hospital parking lot the last time I gave birth.

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