National Unicorn Day Is April 9, and We’ve Got Your Holiday Prep Covered

I love pointless national “holidays”. National Beer Day, a day to recognize how amazing donuts are, they’re the best. There’s one pretty much everyday, and a very special one is coming up: National Unicorn Day! We have blessed to be in the middle of a unicorn explosion, so there are plenty of ways to celebrate on April 9. Put on your most sparkly dress, throw some hair paint on your noggin, and bask in the beauty that is the mythical unicorn.

National Unicorn Day is April 9, so that only gives you a few days to prepare. Luckily, we’ve been tracking this trend for a while. First, you’ll want to decide if you’re a regular mom, or a unicorn mom.

mean girls cool mom GIF

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Unicorn moms love to laugh, have fun, have a few drinks, and best of all, they don’t give a single fuck about what anyone thinks about them. They love their family and friends fiercely, but don’t mess with the parenting politics. We can all stand to be a little more like a unicorn mom, to be honest.

For breakfast on National Unicorn Day, start your day off on a NSFW way with these hilarious unicorn sausages.

That meal is going to run right through you, you know it is. Luckily, you’ll have unicorn toilet paper, to turn that moment into magic.

unicorn toilet paper
Image: Get Digital

Kids need to celebrate National Unicorn Day too, right? What better way to do that than with this adorable/terrifying unicorn toy! Bonus points: you’ll laugh your ass off because you’re a unicorn mom.

It’s entirely possible you’ll feel bad after that, so make sure you’ve got this unicorn sprinkler hooked up and ready to go to make amends.

giant unicorn sprinkler
Image: Big Mouth Inc.

You’ll be the talk of the town with these WAYYYY adorable unicorn backpacks. Seriously, they’re on point perfection.


After such a long day celebrating this beautiful mythical creature, it’s time to unwind. Grab yourself a glitter beer and have a bowl of unicorn magic ice cream.

Credit: Instagram / @candyhunting

Finally, as you lay your weary head down to drift off to sleep and dream of unicorns, make sure you don’t forget to plug in the most adorable unicorn humidifier/nightlight I’ve ever seen in my life.

Elodie the Unicorn Humidifier

Image: Firebox

You don’t have much time to prepare for National Unicorn Day, so I recommend spending the next 3 days ignoring your kids, work, and life to get ready for April 9. It’s one day a year, and you want to make sure it’s magical as fuck.

(Image: iStock / MadKruben)

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