Comedian Nathan Fielder Has Followers Troll Their Parents To Buy The Drugz

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Nathan Fielder Drug Experiment As a mom who will very soon have a kid in college (Hopefully! Unless he decides to be a rockstar or backpack across Europe or some nonsense!) than I can totally understand the parental freakout that some parents displayed after comedian Nathan Fielder asked his followers to text their parents proposing a very simple offer:

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.19.41 AM

And some of the responses are truly priceless: (Click on image to view full-size)


I love that one, money for grandma!

Even though I like to think I’m a pretty skeptical parent, had I not known about this little prank I probably would have fallen for it too and had been all “OH NO MY CHILD IS ON THE DRUGS” and replied in a similar fashion. Parents, we are all too easy to troll.

He had previously conducted an experiment where he asked his followers to text their dad asking them if “Dollar Store condoms worked as well as regular ones.” Which, you know, I think is a very valid question actually because I’m always wondering if Dollar Store cleaning products work as well as their name brand counterparts. One of his followers asked his mom instead.


But my favorite response was this dad, who wants his son to be careful about many things:


Just like discount sushi!

I love all of this too much and I wish I was more clever with my cell phone and instead of just using it to check E-mail when I’m not at home, I used it for trolling my own friends and family members. I would totally pull something like this, but with my spouse. This one won’t work for me, due to my lack of baby manufacturing organs, but feel free to text your husbands and partners and tell them you have just returned from the OBGYN and that “You won’t believe this! But I’m pregnant!” and let me know how it goes.

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