Nanny Accused Of Killing The 2 Krim Children Is Now Pointing Fingers At ‘Someone’ She Won’t Name

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handcuffsYoselyn Ortega, who was notoriously charged with murdering the two Krim children last year, has spoken publicly for the first time about the case since her arrest. Although she has formally claimed that she did not murder the kids, the long-time friend of the Krim family is now implicating others. Sort of.

The New York Daily News went to speak to Ortega while she is being incarcerated. She voiced the following:

“I didn’t do that,” Yoselyn Ortega told the Daily News in an exclusive jailhouse interview on Rikers Island. “Someone else did.”…“Those are all lies,” Ortega said, when asked about the charges that could send her to prison for life.

Ortega  reportedly did not answer whether she “loved” the murdered kids, but simply “narrowed [her eyes] behind her round, black-rimmed glasses.” When asked who else might be responsible, she cited no other names. She then quickly cited her lawyer’s request to not speak to anyone and exited the interview.

Since her arrest, and recovery from her own self-inflicted wounds, Ortega has been at the psychiatric ward at Elmhurst Medical Center. It’s still being determined if she is mentally fit to stand trial. Perhaps then these “someone else” accusations will be further illuminated.

(photo: Goran Bogicevic / Shutterstock)