Naked And Pregnant: Jessica Simpson, Demi Moore And Everyone In Between

Jessica Simpson appears naked and pregnant on Elle‘s latest cover and, honestly, it’s a great big bore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about women flaunting their baby bumps (I mean, why not?). But it’s been 21 years since Demi Moore started the naked-and-pregnant-on-cover-of-magazine trend and, frankly, it’s no longer shocking. It’s not even interesting! Because, let’s get it real, that cover is nothing more than an exercise in Photoshop. Which is too bad, because I can still remember the collective gasp induced by Demi Moore’s Vanity Fair shoot. There was something so intriguing so artful about that photo, you couldn’t help but stare and applaud her bravery. (Remember, this was long before baby bumps became Hollywood’s must-have accessory.)

Moore may have been the first and Simpson the latest to bare it all (with child), but there have been countless celebs in between. We’ve rounded up our top 10 over the past two decades. Take a look!


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