Mom Uncomfortable With Naked Barbie Bits Crafts Odd DIY Bathing Suit Solution

Given the rise of Monster High Dolls, Bratz dolls, and so forth, Barbie has slowly dropped in the list of problematic toys — for some parents. But one mother who took issue with Barbie’s nudey dimensions sought a DIY solution that involves nothing more than multi-colored Sharpies. And a flair for bathing suits.

Lauren, as she is identified on her blog “Tutus & tea parties,” has a fairly prominent Pinterest pin floating around that perhaps you have encountered on your DIY craft adventures. She writes that her daughter often disrobed her Barbie dolls to go “swimming” and then left them unclothed. To Lauren, this is irksome:

We got some Barbies handed down to us and while I’m not too fond of Barbies for a 3 year old, I occasionally let her play with them. I don’t like her taking off what little bit of clothing they wear. It just doesn’t look appropriate and it bugs the heck out of me!

Lauren then fashions some Barbie bathing suits for those nudist Barbies, complete with little straps and ties in the back:

DIY barbie bathing suits

She adds:

I must say, it was a little awkward coloring in Barbies hoo-ha…but it had to be done! Now I feel much better when her Barbies are disrobed & ready for a swim. Swim away Barbie, swim away.

While Lauren is met with various praise in the comments section, not everyone is thrilled with her need to cover up Barbie’s “hoo-ha”:



To clarify, Lauren comments that she takes issue not so much with Barbie’s nudity, but her unrealistic proportions….and so that’s what needs covering….?


So some dolls can be naked in this house?


And the conversation just keeps on going, all the way through August. DIY Barbie bathing suits sure are a conversation starter.


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