25 Secrets Your Nail Technician Wishes You Already Knew

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Bring your friends to them.


Image: iStock / KEN226

Unlike a typical 9 to 5 job, manicurists have a job that heavily relies on tips instead of an hourly wage. Which means if they don’t get customers, they don’t get paid, especially if they work at home or their own office. If you get your nails done with your manicurist regularly, a compliment or a positive Yelp review can be nice. However, you can really help your manicurist out by bringing several of your friends to her so that they can get great nails as well. Not to mention, it helps them pay their bills. Who knows, maybe your friends can also become regulars at the salon as well. And you know what that means….spa days with your friends are officially a thing!

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