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There Is Something Wrong With Parents Of Nine-Year-Olds Who Don’t Let Them Love My Little Pony

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It isn’t the bullies picking on a kid for his backpack choice who are told they are wrong, it’s the kid with the backpack. Which is a totally normal thing for a nine-year-old kid to want, to carry. Any person should be allowed to carry the accesory they want, but when you consider the age of Grayson, this so new to this earth nine-year-old, and the message we are saying is that this item made for children and marketed to children and meant to be beloved and treasured by children is not for you, that’s a dangerous and disgusting message we are sending to our kids.

I’m on the clock. We are all on the clock with every passing day, and every goodnight story, and every request for a doll or toys or stuffed animals to sleep with or cartoon backpack/lunch boxes to carry. We will eat our dinners, and hold our children on our lap, and we will wake up and be inundated with requests of cell phones and demands of lip gloss and fraught conversations about birth control and our sons telling us “That is for babies.” I don’t worry about a nine-year-old carrying a cartoon backpack because that is who should be carrying it. I worry about the nine-year-olds who – so new to this earth, think these things are not for them, that they exist to be made fun of, to bully the kids who want to carry them.

Kids today grow up so damn fast. We force them to.

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