My Kid Is Just In A Crap Mood – Stop Judging Me

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It was a look of pure judgement combined with maybe 10 percent pity. And you know what? It sucked! I felt like she was judging not only my child for being moody, which in and of itself made me want to give her a left hook to the head, but me as a mother, as well. There was zero compassion. Rather than helping matters – offering a snack, for instance, or acknowledging that we better get going – she kept me there with bullshit chit-chat about nothing. I was all, “It’s been a long day, we better get going,” and she’d respond with, “So, any exciting plans for the summer?” On and on this went in circles.

“He’s really tired and we’re late for an appointment. Speak soon, okay?” I’d say.

“Are you going to sign B. up for after-school soccer next year?” she’d respond with the face.

I actually hadn’t realized how annoying she was ’til we got to the hairdresser’s. That’s when my child got extra whiny – at this point we were both in tears – and I quietly told the hairdresser, herself a mother of three, “Ohmigod, I’m mortified. Sorry he’s being such a pill.”

“It’s time we stopped apologizing for our children’s behavior,” was her response, and she went on to ask my son about his day.

It made me fall in love with her! Because you know what? She is absolutely right. If our children misbehave – that is, if they’re rude or disrespectful, if they hit, curse, yell or refuse to listen – then, yes, they deserve to be disciplined and punished. But when they’re in a shit mood? Let’s cut them some slack, shall we?

I know that when I myself get home after a particularly long and stressful day, I just want to be left alone. Once I get the kids to bed, I’ll often zone out in front of the TV with a bag of popcorn. I’ll even tell my husband not to speak to me under any circumstances (Wife of the Year!). And you know what? I usually feel better within an hour.

Let’s show our kids the same respect. And, for the love of god, let’s stop judging other moms for their kids’ behavior. They’re entitled to be moody, too, dammit!

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