My Kid Ditched Me For The First Time

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I also stopped caring as much once the movie started. It was a really good movie. I was into it. But then things went downhill on the car ride home. I was making conversation with the girls and I was like, “I think it’s pretty cool to be so small and live in the forest! I wish I were that tiny!”

Do you know what my daughter’s friend asked my daughter? She asked, “IS YOUR MOTHER DRUNK?”

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Yes, that’s right. A 9-year-old friend of my daughter’s asked my daughter if I was “drunk”  because I mentioned that it would be pretty fucking cool to be so tiny and be able to fly on a bird! (For the record, aside from BIG celebrations, I never drink.) But then, wow, I got my daughter back on my side (Buh-Bye little friend!)

My daughter responded to her friend, “No, my mommy is not drunk. She just likes to talk like that.”

To which my daughter’s friend responded, “Oh, my mother never talks like that. I wish my mother would say things like that.”

She sounded so envious! So, yes, my daughter may not have thought I was cool enough to sit with at the movies, and who knows, maybe if I take her and her friends to a movie from here on, she’ll never want to sit with me again. But, hey, at least she (and her friend) still thinks I’m somewhat cool by the way I talk about movies and use my imagination.

Yes, it hurts, reasonably or not, the first time your child doesn’t want to be, or be seen, with you. So, now, I will remember the first time she learned to wave, the first time she stopped drinking out of a bottle, the first time she learned how to ride a bike by herself, and now, the first time my darling daughter didn’t want to sit with me.

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