‘My Kid Can’t Eat This’ Is The Funniest New Meme You’ll See All Week

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Want to see what the mothers of the world are going to be eating for lunch? Check out the hilarious new Instagram, “My Kid Can’t Eat This,” which shows photos of the foodstuffs that have been rejected by children and the ridiculous reasons the children have come up with for declaring a food inedible. Of course, as any mother knows, food declared poisonous to toddlers often becomes lunch for mom, like these unpeeled hot dogs:

“#mykidcanteatthis because the hot dogs aren’t peeled. #allskinsaredisgusting” -Michelle Leukhardt Holton

A photo posted by My Kid Can’t Eat This (@mykidcanteatthis) on

Or Stacy Maddox, who will be getting some delicious bagel centers for lunch. Maddox’s kid is clearly doing her a favor, because everyone knows the centers of bagels are the best part.

“The centers of the bagels are off limits. Only the outer edge is good. More bagel please. #mykidcanteatthis” -Stacey Maddox A photo posted by My Kid Can’t Eat This (@mykidcanteatthis) on

Brittney will be getting a delicious spaghetti lunch, because apparently green plates are toxic to toddlers, and her child will require a new one.

#MyKidCantEatThis because it’s on a green plate. – Brittney Jacklin A photo posted by My Kid Can’t Eat This (@mykidcanteatthis) on

Meanwhile Amanda’s kid is clearly worried about her calcium intake, which is why this cup of milk has been rejected for being “crunchy,” even though it is milk and is therefore the opposite of crunchy, because it is milk.

#MyKidCantEatThis, er drink this, because it’s crunchy. It’s milk. – @ahamilton1018 A photo posted by My Kid Can’t Eat This (@mykidcanteatthis) on

Unfortunately some of these Wheat Thins have broken, which means that not only are the broken Wheat Thins ruined, but the intact Wheat Thins are also suspect. Oh well, free Wheat Thins for mom!


Go check out the whole account here, because it is completely hilarious. Besides, I’m sure most of you have examples of bizarre food refusals to share as well. (I do, but they’re all things from adults, like the time my husband ordered bruschetta and picked all the tomatoes off. I’m hoping this skips a generation, but I’m pretty sure that in a year or two I’m going to be submitting to My Kid Can’t Eat This as well.