My Baby Is Boy Band Crazy And I’m So Not Ready For This

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Recently my tiny little kitten baby  little girl has become totally obsessed with a band called Big Time Rush. They have a show on Nickelodeon, and even though I find it pretty annoying and not very funny or clever I let her watch it on occasion. When I was her age, I watched Monkees reruns and stuff so who am I to judge? She is only eight, so I’m not planning on taking her to see them in concert, she doesn’t own any of their CDs or band related merchandise, so it’s not like she is some raging BTR fan or anything, but it still makes me a little sad face.

This is the girl who still thinks the girl monsters in Monsters University were “really, really pretty.”

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This is the little girl who still crawls into bed with me after a bad dream, who still plays with dolls, who loves helping mommy cook in the kitchen and who climbs on my lap for a story and who sometimes comes home with tears in her eyes because she isn’t “cool.” She is a baby! My baby!

But now my baby is into this band who is singing about baby baby baby and obviously baby as in an endearment that my daughter probably daydreams about being directed AT HER and she is growing up. And I have to let her, And it’s all fine. But soon my lap will be empty and instead of coming to me after a nightmare she will gaze at her Big Time Rush poster and fall back asleep. Because the other day we finally caved and let her have a Big Time Rush poster for her bedroom.

She hasn’t put it up yet, but I’m sure the posters of kittens and puppies she has purchased at the school book sale will be replaced by these beaming boy troubadours and her iPod playlist filled with Disney and cartoon recordings will be swapped out for songs like “Boyfriend” and “Like Nobody’s Around.” The carefully selected rock and pop songs we have all put on her playlist will be booted for boy bands and tween pop stars. She will find her own cool.

I didn’t really want to get her the poster. I expressed my concern to my husband, about how I feel she is too little to be swooning over a boy band, about how I am sad she is growing into her own little person, about how I felt like her growing up is reminding me she will one day grow away. My husband came home from his office yesterday with this for her, that some of his amazing co-workers helped make, and he presented this to my daughter, who is over the moon.

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So not only is it personalized, but it comes with a gentle reminder she is too young to be swooning over boys and some other musical suggestions. And to keep her room clean.

Now I just have to help her hang it.