Must-Watch Video: Taiwanese Animation Of Beyonce And Jay-Z’s Baby

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Courtesy of Jezebel comes this totally random video, by Taiwanese animators, that offers a humorous glimpse into the “stinking rich” future of baby Beyonce/Jay-Z.

Ever since Beyonce announced her pregnancy on Sunday at the MTV Music Video Awards – talk about mommyjacking an event! – fans have gone nuts (because, you know, it’s pretty crazy that an accomplished 29-year-old would want to start family and all). Anyway, this animated video is rather bizarre, but that’s what makes it so funny.

See it for yourself (below) and don’t miss Nanny Nicki Minaj or Bey-Z shakin’ it to “Single Ladies.” Priceless!


[youtube_iframe id=”ataXfOCptJg”]