22-Year-Old Mom Of Three Tragically Shoots Her Children Before Committing Suicide

murder-suicideMayra Perez had to be under an immense amount of stress. She was 22 years old and had three children under the age of seven. It would be a huge responsibility and a ton of pressure. Tragically, the young mom decided that she could not bear it. Yesterday, Mayra Perez shot her three children, Neveah Morales, Erick Perez, and Isabel Perez, before turning the gun on herself.

For the oldest two children, the shots were fatal. The youngest, Isabel, was critically injured, but survived. She is an a coma and undergoing surgery.

At the Mommyish office, we cannot help but feel like these stories are becoming all too familiar. It seems like every day we read about another parent who finds the world too scary, the pressure too much, and they take their children with them when they go. There were the two teens in California over the weekend killed by their father in a murder-suicide. There was the four-person family in Atlanta earlier this week. There was the Tennessee man who killed his wife and children, also this week.

Over and over again, day after day, more young people are lost at the hands of their own parents, people who apparently see no way out of their desperate situations. And all we can do is sit back and sadly mourn the losses. We send up prayers and hug our own kids a little tighter and worry about what made these parents feel so hopeless.

Mayra Perez is the latest tragedy in a long line of tragedies that have been plaguing our country. Her children are the latest victims of gun violence, two more souls added to the growing tallies.

Thankfully, it sounds like little Isabel Perez has an extended family who will be there to support her in her recovery. Mayra’s brother, Tony Nuñez, told the press:

”Being the brother of the person who caused this tragedy, I wish I could say or express in words a ‘sorry.’ But what’s done is done. Whatever reason drove her to this, it’s going to be in God’s hands. He will be the judge of her.”


For now, he said, his focus is on Isabel.

(Photo: Luis Louro/Shutterstock)

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