19 Things To Know About Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy

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But male Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy perpetrators are more likely to have a male victim.


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Male and female children are equally likely to be victims of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. However, male Munchausen Syndrome by proxy perpetrators are three times more likely to have a male victim. It is not clear why male perpetrators are more likely to pick on sons than daughters. It could possibly be that fathers with Munchausen syndrome by proxy also have Munchausen syndrome and want to live vicariously through their sons. Fathers with MSbP typically receive less sympathy than their female counterparts. Hospital staff see these fathers as over demanding, overbearing, and unreasonable according to a BMJ article. They were also more aggressive than female MSbP parents. Many of these fathers threatened legal action against the hospitals their children attended when they did not get their way.

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