19 Things To Know About Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy

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Over 3/4th of perpetrators were the victim’s mother.

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In 76.5 percent of cases, the mother was the perpetrator, according to an article on Science Direct. However, in 93 percent of cases, the abuser was a female caretaker. In about 16.5 percent of cases, the abuser is a female caretaker, such as a grandmother, aunt, or foster mother. This might be the case because females typically take on care-taker roles sociologically. In fact, it is part of a common model of maternal abuse, according to Anna Motz’s The Psychology of Female Violence. In these situations, fathers and male figures are either non-existent or submissive in the household. If they are living with the victim, they do not play a role in their child’s health. They are not present at hospital visits and are likely to deny abuse allegations.

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