19 Things To Know About Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy

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Warning signs include family history, highly attentive caregivers, and treatments that do not eliminate symptoms.

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Many victims of Munchausen syndrome by proxy may be the second or third child to experience unusual illnesses, especially if they are the youngest child. People who have Munchausen syndrome by proxy can argue that their children have a genetic illness when that isn’t the case. It is important for parents to be informed about their child’s health. However, parents with Munchausen syndrome by proxy always want to be in the room with their children at all times. They do not want their children to tell medical professionals that they are not actually sick. If a child receives many treatments and none of them work for their illness, it could be a red flag. If their treatment works, it means that there is no reason for the child to go to the doctor anymore. This ends the perpetrator’s cycle.

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