19 Things To Know About Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy

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Most common symptoms include apnea, eating disorders, and diarrhea.

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26.8 percent of victims reportedly suffer from apnea. 24.6percent Science Direct. Other reported symptoms include seizures, cyanosis, behavior, asthma, allergies, and fevers. Caregivers choose these symptoms because they cannot be proven to a doctor. Many of these symptoms can also be induced. Eating disorders can be induced by caregivers who refuse to feed their children. Apnea can be induced through suffocation or strangulation during sleep. And if a child had a very high fever over a 24 hour period, they still have to get treated by medical professionals, even if they do not spark a fever anymore. Someone with Munchausen syndrome by proxy knows all the tricks in the book, so they can go months without getting caught by medical professionals.

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