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The Movies From My Childhood That I Could Not Wait To Show My Kids

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Robin Williams is so fantastic in this movie and it has a great balance of real-life lessons and fantasy. It was a staple of my childhood as my brothers and I watched it again and again. As an adult, there are new parts that I appreciate but as a kid, it was all about scary Captain Hook and the adorable Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell.


Home Alone

I still watch this movie every Christmas but because of the insane beat-down Macaulay Culkin puts on the robbers I have yet to show it to my kids. I am thinking in a year or two they will be able to handle it and I cannot wait.


Dennis the Menace

This movie is downright adorable and I have let the kids see it already, although, there is a good bit of suspense and violence when that creepy drifter kidnaps Dennis. It did not seem to bother my kids, though- they were far more interested in all of the funny ways Dennis was able to thwart and trick him.


The Parent Trap

Not the Lindsay Lohan version- the original with Miss Bliss from Saved By The Bell (otherwise know as Hayley Mills) playing the twin girls who try to get their parents back together. I have yet to show this one to the kids because I have not bought it on DVD yet but I know they will love it. I remember being fascinated as a kid when my mother told me that one actress was playing the part of the twins. Fancy for 1961!


Jurassic Park

The first time I saw this was at a drive-in theater (remember those?) and my parents let me bring a few friends. We were TERRIFIED and it was positively delightful. I am waiting on this one until they are maybe eight and ten. I know a dude gets chomped by a dinosaur while taking a poop and I think that’s a little heavy for a kindergartener and 2nd grader to handle.


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