Move Over, Bugaboo, the World’s Most Enviable Stroller Is This Copy of Cinderella’s Coach for Rent at Disney World

Forget the Bugaboo and the UppaBaby; there is no stroller envy like “tiny model of Cinderella’s magic carriage” stroller envy, and now that’s a real stroller that people can rent to wheel their children around Walt Disney World.

According to Business Insider, you can now rent a tiny version of Cinderella’s carriage to wheel around Disney World from a new Florida company called Princess Carriage Rentals. The place has one job: It rents little custom strollers that look like Cinderella’s carriage, and somehow it is astonishing that this did not already exist. Of course kids are going to want to be wheeled around Disney World in Cinderella’s carriage!

Hell, I kind of want to be wheeled around Disney World in Cinderella’s carriage.

Why is this not my life?

The idea for the stroller rental company came about because a dad made the stroller for his little girl, and when they took it to Disney, everyone who saw it wanted one too. It’s not the sort of thing everybody wants at home, but as a vacation rental, it’s pretty swanky.

Of course, this is not at all inexpensive. Few things involving Disney are cheap, especially when they involve the “royal experience.” Princess Carriage Rentals charges $299 for the stroller rental, but they do make a big show of delivering it. (There’s currently a $50 Off coupon on the website.)

The strollers are presented with a “red carpet unveiling” at the renter’s hotel, and then the kids are given red roses and driven by car to Disney World, where they’re dropped off so their parents can wheel them around in the carriage all day. The chauffeur picks everybody and the stroller up at the end of the day and drops all the people back at their hotel.

Unfortunately, the carriage stroller does not come with a magic goose to push it around, but it does come with cup holders.

The actresses playing Cinderella’s stepsisters seem to have had a ball pretending to steal the carriage.

Also, this gives us an idea of the scale of the stroller, in case any grown ladies out there were thinking about renting one for themselves to be pushed around in all day. (Guilty!) They look like they can comfortably fit at least four small kids, but a gown-wearing grown-up is probably going to be a little squished.

 (Image: Instagram / Princess Carriage Rentals)

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