Mothers Need More Than A ‘Mommy Break’

The ForbesWoman and survey that found the majority of women (both SAH mothers and working moms) are doing all the childrearing continues to make waves. The ladies on the TODAY show discussed the findings listing all various solutions for disgruntled moms under the term “mommy break.” But mothers who feel resentful towards their partners for taking on the majority of domestic duties need co-parenting partners — not “breaks.”

The ladies advocated that mothers should speak up to their partners when feeling overwhelmed and not assume (like in all relationships), that their spouse can read their mind. But the issue of mothers overcompensating in the home appears to be two-pronged, as many women embrace a sort of “martyrdom” for their sacrifices. Working mothers feel guilty for being away from their children while SAH mothers often feel that they have assumed a role to which they shouldn’t need anyhelp.

Carley Roney of recommends treating the home almost like a business:

You need to create a definitive list. Consider it like a business. You are the HR person for your household. What are all the tasks that need to be done? Divide them up and make it clear what is to be done.

Despite this advice by Roney, Hoda‘s response that said partner may “die” when confronted with such a list keeps with this notion that mothers are just “taking a break” from a job that is fundamentally their own. A “break” implies that they’ll ultimately come right back to a sink of unwashed dishes as opposed to have contributing “co-workers” who can manage tasks without them.

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