Who Cares If An Ultrasound Picture Is Fake, No One Can Make Out Your Baby Anyway

A private 4D ultrasound home business in Australia is being accused of giving women fake photos. My first reaction is – who cares if it’s fake? No one can ever make your baby out anyway. But the more I think about it, the more I can understand why some people would be distraught over this.

One woman claimed the eight images she received were clearly of different babies. She took to Facebook with her findings – and many other women who used the company came forward after realizing theirs were fakes as well.  More than 100 people have joined a ”˜victim’s only group’ for people that believe they have been given false ultrasounds photographs of their unborn children. That business is clearly slimy, but a “victims only” group is a little much.

From Bunbury Mail:

Bunbury mother-of-one Catherine Osment paid for an ultrasound DVD and photographs of her unborn baby earlier this month.

She attended a private 4D ultrasound home business in Eaton on January 17.

When she received her photographs, she said it was ”clearly obvious” all eight images were of different babies.

”I knew as soon as I opened them they were fake and it made me feel sick,” Mrs Osment said.

She told the Bunbury Mail she searched on the internet and found the same photographs in Google Images.

Mrs Osment said she took the photographs to Big W’s photo centre and was told some were printed before October last year, months before she had her scan.

Her partner had been planning to have the baby’s image tattooed on his chest in March but cancelled the appointment when he realised it could be fake.

An ultrasound tattoo? Is that a thing? The suspicion was posted on the Bunbury Crime Stoppers Facebook page – and hundreds of local mothers responded. Several mothers even compared photos in the comments, which they believed to be identical.

97530937While I’m not particularly attached to my ultrasound image and can afford to be flippant about it – I can imagine there are situations where this would be unbelievably awful. What if something happened to your child before she was born? What if that was the only image you had of what you thought was your baby? That would be terrible. Also, there is the little detail of whoever running this business being a total crook.

This home ultrasound business should be shuttered for good. I actually can’t even believe I just wrote that. Home ultrasound business are words that should not be strung together.  I guess I’m just one of those people who finds the obsession with ultrasound photos and sharing a little odd. I would definitely want my money back, but I don’t think I’d need to reach out to a victim’s only group.

(photo: Getty Images)

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